Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabric Baubles Tutorial

Today I made some easy and cute fabric Baubles. Last year I made some birds and owls, so I thought some circle bauble would look lovely along side them. I used mostly my vintage pillow slips and some old braids my mum gave me, but you can really use what ever you like.
Lets get started
What you will need

 First cut out 2 circles the same size, I used my mug for the circle size.
 Next arrange your braids, ribbons and decorations and sew them onto one of the circles.
When sewn together, you need to place the other circle face down over the top. Make sure you put your hanging ribbon inside before you pin it together and sew around the circle.
Also make sure you leave a small opening to turn it back the right way.
 Before turning it through, make small little cuts around the outside.
Next turn it through, put in the stuffing the sew up the hole.
 Looks pretty good, now make more.
I made 6 and they didn't take my very long.
This could be adapted for children. Older children may be able to sew by hand and have some help with the sewing machine. With younger children you could make and stuff a bauble without decorating it. Then give them lots of fun decorations and they can glue them one.
Ruby enjoyed playing with them before I put them on the tree, and they look quite pretty.
Enjoy creating
Em xx

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