Sunday, July 2, 2017


To tell you the truth, I wold love to be a professional organiser, go to peoples homes and sort their stuff out. In theory I wouldn't practice what I preach very well, I love a good sort out and tidy up and love looking at the work I've done. But soon you cant be bothered and you don't put things back properly and before you know you are doing another clear out!  

This is Olive's room before we moved her into Ruby's room, I'll miss this sweet space. The contents of this cupboard had a major cull, it was great!

So this is me, all the time, ALL the time. I will say kids make it hard, my girls see a clean floor as a blank canvas, they see an empty draw or shelf as a challenge, how many toys can they fill it up with. So this is my life at the moment I can't believe the amount of things I pulled out from around the house to take to the car boot sale. It was a crazy amount of stuff that was just living in our cupboards, sitting there, not being used. It astounded me that even after selling it and taking the rest to the op shops, the mess and clutter we still have is huge. I don't even understand how it happens or where it comes from.
This is the stuff we pulled out to take to the car boot sale, all of this was just sitting in cupboards. After getting rid of this I think I have made another similar sized pile of more things!

So it comes back to what I was saying a few posts back about what you buying and clutter, which at some point when you die, someone will have to go through and probably just throw away. The things that are going into our packing boxes are things we love and that we want to treasure. It's hard to be so ruthless but when we come back in a couple of years we wont be just opening boxes of stuff that will just be stuff, things that are just there. They will be the things that bring us joy and hold some meaning.

This is Ruby's desk, it has since moved and this is where Olive is now sleeping. I'll also miss this cute little creative space.

With less than a month to go we are starting to do all the things we need to do before we leave. We have just got a storage shed and we have started to take things over there. It's good doing it over time and not all at once, we will need to tetris pack the shed when all the furniture is out of the house. I've even gone through the house and drawn little sketches with dimensions of all the furniture we are going to keep. And then we have a list of the things we aren't keeping which we will donate, giveaway or sell. We even put a whole heap of things on the grass out the front of our house saying "free stuff", I couldn't believe how quick it all went.

I'm going to be sad to leave our little place, but I'm looking forward to our new adventure. I'm quite looking forward to sharing what will be happening next. One thing will be filling a new home for super cheap with ideas on decorating on a budget, I'm really looking forward to this and I've also started a new Pinterest board with my dream op shop finds. It's going to be a great little (or big) project for when we get our own place.

Right, better get back to packing

Emma xx


  1. Best of luck with the move Emma. You are so right to get rid of as much as you can because in two years you will have new things that mean a lot to you. Hugs.

    1. I'm not going to lie, I know full well I will be buying things,lol. I think I will definitely limit what I buy, but having said that I have started following a whole heap of English small businesses. Thanks x

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