Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crafty time

Easter was a busy time for me, I have no idea how many of these bunnies I made but I think it was pushing 60! I have been asked for the pattern but at the moment I haven't written one, its all in my head. Maybe I will do one once my life settles down after the move. They proved to be a very popular gift for Easter.

 Part of the many made

 I love coming up with new ideas and this is what happens when I buy loads of tulle, I was going to make the girls some tutus, but this is all I ended up making.

 Here is a small bit of my stall from the March Shelly Beach Market I did.

 I cut up an old dress of mine and made Ruby a skirt and head wrap.

 My March makes

 I managed to make myself a top for myself

 My last stall at the April markets

This was my April round up

I just thought I'd post a bit more of my crafty things I've done.

I am also looking at doing markets in England, so stay tuned to see what I end up doing.

Emma x

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