Sunday, June 15, 2014


I wanted to make some fabric buckets for the girls rooms to keep some of their soft toys in. I have made some smaller ones in my time but they didn't work as well as I would have liked. These one's I made using a medium interfacing as the fabric is thicker. They were easier to sew and turned out how I wanted. There are quite a few tutorials out there to go by for these.

I love them as they are reversible, so even with them being the same, they are still a bit different.

I used a pop of bright pink in them as I am quite liking it at the moment. I bought the fabric at Spotlight when it was on special, so they also didn't cost too much to make.
I am in love with piping at the moment too and I have been making heaps of new cushions and piping them for a more professional finish. This one I made for Olive's room using some fabric from Made 590. Every now and again they have a sale of off cuts of their lovely fabrics. I was lucky enough to nab myself the quilting sized fabric bag. So many beautiful fabrics, I had fun just searching through the bag when I got it.
I backed it with some of the fabric from the buckets and made a mustard piping for it.
This fabric was also from Spotlight, and I made a navy blue piping.

 I made a lamp with this fabric from Kelani fabric a while ago. I loved it so much I really wanted a cushion also. I decided on making a rectangle cushion and cut a larger cushion in half and stitched the opening shut to make two smaller ones. This was the first cushion I made with the piping, I used a store bought fuschia velvet piping for this one.
I also sewed a zip in this one to save on fabric.

I love them so much, I have been told that we may have enough cushions in the house now, but I'm not convinced yet.
I also made some bunting for Olives room also using the Made 590 fabric.
I was pretty happy to get the sewing machine out to make these, I think they would make some great gifts for kids instead of toys. I know Ruby was pretty happy with her bucket and is asking for a new cushion.

Em xx


  1. All beautiful ... And definitely not enough cushions. Especially when they are as pretty as that.

  2. Ilove the cushions :) All are so pretty

  3. Cushions, piping, bunting and buckets all way beyond my skill level. I love each and everything you have made.

  4. Ohhh! What a discovery! I came behind your pretty striped giraffe, have looked around and love most of the things here (I can't see some of them, that's why I say most, not everything ;) Your giraffe will be my first amigurumi, that's sure, I've got the yarns and the stuffing fibre at home and no plans for this weekend so....
    Thanks a lot for sharing so many beautiful things.
    A hug and two kisses (the Spanish way, you know)

  5. Love your blog, love your kewpie doll, love your work. Following you from right now


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