Friday, May 30, 2014

Some bit's of crochet and another Giraffe

Life has been happening over here, April and May have just about gone. What has been going on:
We have moved and settled in again, twice in 6 months.
We didn't have Internet for 4 weeks, kind of a good thing
We have been loving walks around our new neighbourhood, I love we are super close to the shops, coffee, fresh bread, an op shop, lots of cute shops and parks. I love it.
Starting a new playgroup with both kids
Watching Olive grow and move and keep us all on our toes, 10 months now and nearly 11
 I made this little guy for my Nephew
 I have started making little Rabbits

These little guys are quick and easy and are also a cute gift for babies, the black and white one went to my nephew.

I am so sorry I haven't really replied to many questions regarding the Giraffe pattern, I really just haven't been on Blogger for a while. I might try and post some photo's of how I assemble him, as I have been making some more. I am also taking off the "do not sell" part as I know people are, and I feel there is no point with it being on here. I had done it as I saw many other patterns had the same on them. I'm just glad people are happy with the pattern ( especially since I fixed it).

Have a lovely weekend

Em ♥


  1. All so very cute and darling!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

  2. It's lovely to see you post again. I have to say that you have obviously got a big heart to not let people ripping off your design bother you, but it makes me very angry and I would not buy from them on principle. Shame on them!

  3. Love the little bunnies, I am impressed you are getting these made with all the other things you have had to do.

  4. I love the bunnies. Do you have a pattern you can share?

  5. I have made the giraffe, and I love it!! Do you have a pattern for the bunnies? They're adorable!

  6. I love your work, I posted a few moments ago on the giraffe pattern, and I was hoping to see if you had the pattern for the bunnies? Or could I use yours for inspiration for baby rattles?


  7. I have made the giraffe, and I love it!! Do you have a pattern for the bunnies?

  8. Love the giraffe and will have to make it! Thanks for sharing! Ose


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