Sunday, March 16, 2014

Music Cupboard

Many years ago I bought this old cupboard, I really loved it at the time and for a while I did use it for clothes. But then I traveled and it lived in a storage shed with my other furniture and then it lived at my Mum's until she told me to get rid of it. So it then lived in my garage as a storage cupboard until we moved, I then I had a great idea to utilise it in a practical way. My man Chris loves his music and our house houses many instruments and musical equipment. He would have to get it out, use it for a while then pack it away somewhere. So I decided the cupboard would be great to keep his things in the one place and out of reach of the girls.
 Here it is before I did anything to it.
 I gave the outside a clean but that was it.
 And here it is all done. I gave it a few coats of paint which brightened it up inside so it didn't seem claustrophobic or make him feel like he was sitting in a cupboard. I also put another shelf in to be like a desk.
 He has a pretty extensive CD collection which his parents shipped over from the UK. I went through and pulled out some of his favourites and I made some plastic sleeves to hang them in.

 It turned out to be the perfect size for his amp and effects peddle.
 The top shelf was then used to keep some of my craft things.
It turned out great and gets used often.
 And Ruby likes to do her "work" in there too.

I thought I would post this before we move next week. We have had Olive in our room, but we have decided she is getting her own room for a while. So the extra room in our new place will be for Olive and my craft things and Chris's music things will not have there own room. The kids are taking over, although I am looking forward to decorating Olives new room. When she is over teething and waking up heaps during the night the girls can go in together.

Now for some more packing

Em xx


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