Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barbie Clothes

I feel like a kid again, playing with Barbies with Ruby, brushing their hair and changing their clothes. We have quite a few now living at our house who get changed on a daily basis. Unfortunately some of the dresses don't cut it anymore, those thumbs have ripped the seams of many pretty dresses, and the sheer ones seem to just fall apart when you look at them.
So I remembered a post from a while ago from craftiness is not optional with this pattern. Its just a bit too easy and before I knew it Ruby's Barbies had some tasteful dresses which Ruby loves.
 I love this one, mainly the fabric. I would wear this dress I think.
 Actually, I would totally wear this one. This is the skirt pattern you can also find in the Barbie tutorials on her Blog too. I used some of my vintage sheet off cut for the skirt with a contrasting band.
 I cut up an old singlet to make this singlet.
 I am really happy with this one as I saved one of the dress that was falling apart.
 I unpicked the gold insert and sewed it onto the bodice and used some of the old dress for the straps. I also turned the bottom part of the dress into a skirt too. (not shown)
Hi ladies, I think they are looking far classier than before. They are fun to make and before you know it they have some great new outfits. I will be making more, plus they are heaps easier for Ruby to put on the Barbies.

Em xx


  1. I wish I had dresses like that for my Barbie when I was little. I tried to make dresses of my own with scraps of fabric buttons and scissors, you can only imagine what a disaster they were.

  2. Such fun and cute Barbie clothes!! I use to love playing with her :) Happy week! xo Holly

  3. Those darn Barbies dress much better than I do.


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