Friday, January 24, 2014

A few little bits of fun

Happy new year to all. Do anything nice? We didn't do anything, stayed here and just wished we were on a holiday. We were told we have to move again which was lovely ( please note the sarcasm). We were told 1 week after Olive was born we would have to move, then told the day after new years that we had to move. We are starting to think buying might be the way forward as we have totally had enough, we have only been here 4 months.
Right, lets think of nice things. I have taken a few photo's of things I made coming up to Christmas, I was pretty happy with them and may make more.
 I made these clips and bows for Ruby's little friend.
 These 2 are from Mollie Makes, I put festive bows on them and just sat them in the tree.
 These are my faves, I made the grey bunny first then the other 2 for gifts. I crocheted the cardigans to work out how to make little ones. I made a little one for my friends Blythe doll, but I'm not sure on the fit yet. No photo of that one, but my goodness it was fun searching the world of Blythe dolls.
 Saving money on buying flowers for my new table, I made pompoms and glued them on some sticks.
And this little deer, just because. This one also went on the tree.

I need to get snapping with the old camera and show some more of my crafty endeavours from the holidays. Now to start searching and packing..... major booooooo.

Em xxx


  1. Oh no. Moving house is not a great way to have to start the new year. I hope it all goes smoothly and you find a lovely new home.
    The little hair clips are very cute.

  2. Look how much you are getting done, even with little ones and a move ahead of you.

    Take good care of yourself.

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