Thursday, December 12, 2013

241 Tote

One late night on Pinterest I found this picture below. I fell in love with it and found it was called the 241 Tote and it was from Noodlehead. With pay pal being so quick and easy, before I knew it I had bought it from here, and it was on my desktop and I went to bed.
I totally forgot about it until I found another equally gorgeous one made on my Pinterest feed.

I decided to use my most favourite fabric I have, I bought it years ago and have never touched it as I wanted the perfect project for it. I then used some pink and a black chevron and quickly made it. (When I say quickly in my mind it was quickly, in real time I cut out the fabric and interfacing when I had a chance and then sewed it together the next night)
I am so happy with it and love it.........until yesterday when little miss 3 drew on it with crayon! lets say I was less than amused.
I lined it with a spotty fabric which I love the colour of.
I have seen people decrease its size to 75% and make a smaller one for their kids, which I thought of doing until the crayon incident.
 All in all I think this is a great pattern and easy to make. I didn't bother with the zips as in the past when I have put them in bags I find I just never use them. I will defiantly be making another, or buying another one of her patterns. 
Thanks late night Pinterest.

Em xx

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