Friday, October 25, 2013


Hi there, oops how long has it been since I posted anything. Things have been busy over here in my little world, first being this little girl is 3 months! What, when, how, I seemed t have blinked and she has grown. Even Ruby has gone from a 3 yr old to a little madam, the conversations we have now. Even my little niece is walking, it's pretty fun now when the girls get together running around and getting more into playing together.
Our number 1 change is we moved, we finally found a rental that ticked most of our boxes. I really love where we are now, close to a park and Pre school and the shops. Its lovely and quiet with older neighbour's ( we had these young guys move in next to our old house and they played loud music all the time). I am still getting a feel for the place and finding my routine, we still have a few little boxes to unpack but everything is out now. I was so impressed with our removalists, 2 young guys who were happy to chat to Ruby whilst packing the truck and did it super quick. I would love to say I will never do it again, we would like to buy in the near future, so another move will be on the cards at some stage.
I have managed to make a few things and I want to start posting again. I have enjoyed being with my girls, but I always have my blog in the back of my mind.
When I get a spare minute I like to check in and have a quick look on my feed, I have been getting lots of inspiration. Cant wait to do more crafting when I can fit it in.

Hope all is well
Em xx ♥

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  1. Emma, the girls are darling, and getting so big! Glad you are moved in and happy in your new space.


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