Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Play Furniture

A little while ago I found some clip together dolls furniture for $2 at an op-shop. Ruby enjoyed them but as they clipped together, they would fall apart when she was playing with them. So I decided to make them a bit more sturdy and jazz them up a bit.
 First I glued them all together and let them dry. When dry I sprayed them pink. I asked Ruby what colour she wanted and naturally she said pink.
 Here they are after being sprayed. I then went to town with my washi tape to decorate them a bit more.

 I had some fabric tape too which I used and it looked great when finished.
 I couldn't just leave them at that. I had to make little blankets and cushions. Ruby helped me and told me what she wanted.
 I used off cuts of my vintage sheets.
 And a little floor quilt with some brightly coloured squares.
 All done. As I love a good cardboard box and hate throwing them away, so I made a little house for them to go in.
I made 2 floors, and even wallpapered the back wall and cut out some doors and windows. Ruby has loved it and has kept her quite entertained. I made them as an activity for Ruby when the baby comes to keep her occupied. I love how it all turned out. One day I will get my Dad to make her her own dolls house, but this one is great for now.

Em xx


  1. How CUTE!!! Imagine living in a house with THAT furniture!!! :-)

  2. Oh how very cute!! Love all the cute pink furniture and they have the cutest little floor quilt! :) Happy day to you! xo Holly

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. Good job :)

  4. So cute!! I like your blog and will stay a bit and have a look around your great things.


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