Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Latest Crochet

First I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments about our newest member of our family Olive. She is going so well and is sleeping like a champ, I've been getting too much sleep perhaps, not always the best with breast feeding though.
I was crocheting like a mad woman before Olive was born. I was just been in the zone and I had been enjoying it especially whilst watching TV. I made some things for Olive and my sister's friends baby girl. The pattern's are pretty much all from the book Amigurumi two, my favourite crochet book.
 A little blue Bird
 These rattles are for my sisters friends little girl. The flower in the book isn't a rattle, but I made it into one and the ice cream cone I cant remember where I found it.
 These fish where too cute not to make. I am going to make some little loops on the fins to hang them in the pram.
 I made this little square bear with left over bits of threads I had. I made this one up myself.
 This little girl was from the book but she didn't have the hair. As Ruby is so much into ballerinas I made little ballet shoes for her too. 
 My little Giraffe
And here is the new little crochet family.

Em xx ♥


  1. Such sweet crochets! Love the little blue bird and that giraffe! SO cute! :) xo Holly

  2. These crochet creations are amazing. Love them all. x

  3. They all look great :) I've just started your stripy giraffe pattern this week, can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Hi dear,how r u? Congrats on ur new girl.I know that u don't know me but I'm amazed with ur great work.they r really wonderful.I want to ask u a favor if u don't mind,I'm a beginner in the crochet stuff and I only aim to make a toy for my girl so can u plz tell me from where to start and what to watch coz I'm a bit confused from where to start and how I would be able to do it.
    Waiting for ur reply
    Tnx in advance

    1. Hi Menna,

      When I started back with my crocheting and learning amigurumi, I found a simple ball pattern and practiced making balls. These are pretty easy to get the hang of, and they are good way to learn how to increase and decrease. I think when you have perfected the increase and decrease and slowly learn the terminology it slowly becomes quite easy. Most amigurumi is crocheted in the round and I use a safety pin to count my stitches. Then you can start with bigger things. The arms, legs, horns and ears are all quite simple to do, maybe do those first. Then the body and head might feel easier after. I changed the pattern as I made heaps of mistakes but I think it's ok now. Good luck and have fun, it gets quite addictive.

      Emma x


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