Friday, July 5, 2013

Easy little frames

With a changing bedroom for Ruby, and with renting I wanted to put some frames up but I cant hang them. So I decided to make some using some lovely paper I bought at the Finders Keepers markets. I cut out some frames from an empty nappy box then set out covering them with the beautifully designed paper.
 I bought this paper from Bespoke Letterpress. This paper I bought from the past 2 finders keepers markets in Sydney. The paper has different designs on both sides, I bought these 2 stickers ages ago from Blackbird corner in Newcastle. The best thing was the colours matched perfectly with this paper, and all I did was stick them on the backing paper to create a different piece of art for the wall.
 I then covered the other 3 with these lovely designed paper also from the same company except the first one, which is from Kikki K. All I used was double sided sticky tape to adhere the paper to the frames.
 I then put these cute cards inside the frames, I think the colours matched quite well.
 Then all I did was blue tack them to the wall. 

They are such a cheap and easy way to decorate a blank space on the wall, and also use some pretty paper that I have just collected and haven't used. It is lovely to see them on the wall and not in a bag.
Maybe you could have a go yourself, I remember as a kid making them with fabric at school for craft. I want to make some more now as they are just so easy.

Em xx


  1. They look really gorgeous Em. xxx

  2. I think this is absolutely perfect and have forwarded the link to my daughter in law who will soon be renting in Dubai. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Emma - I am trying to contact you about a CAL I want to run for a crochet group - could you please email me - - thanks :)


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