Saturday, July 13, 2013

A changing room

I thought I would do a post about an ever changing room for a baby to a toddler to a child, and then to a shared bedroom. When I first made the nursery for Ruby, I wanted to make the room adaptable as she wasn't going to stay a baby forever. I am not into mainstream children's characters, and wanted to used handmade and secondhand finds that would be able to grow with Ruby and not look babyish when she's 3.
Here is her room before she was born. The chest of draws my Dad was throwing out and we painted, the armchair was an old one of my Nanna's and I made a cover for it and the cot was second hand. I made a quilt, bunting, cot bumpers and small toys.
 I moved the room around a bit when she was a toddler. Still using the same furniture, but the armchair went downstairs. I bought some cute different postcards and cards and some different things to decorate the walls. I made a cloud with her name hanging from it. And I bought a small table from an op shop for pretend play, which she has loved.
 We then took the sides off her cot when she was two and a half. Ruby then loved that she had a big bed and she was able to go and sit on her bed and play.
We then added more play things to her room like her kitchen my Dad made. We love cardboard boxes and use them heaps for play, here she had a little house for her and her dolls.

And now we have a room for 2. Ruby now has her new big bed which my Dad made and the cot has been put back together for the baby. The room had to be moved around a little bit to accommodate the new bed and adding a cot.
 I took some of the postcards and things off the walls on Ruby's side of the room, but kept the bunting. As her new bed has some height, the walls don't look as bare.
I made a felt circle garland for the back wall and framed some prints which make the walls a bit brighter.
 The chest of draws also have my revamped lamp and toys. The walls have my handmade covered frames with postcards in them to brighten up the other wall.
 The cot has the new quilt and crochet giraffe, and my crocheted blanket ready for the baby.
 The room still has the kitchen in it and there is still lots of room for playing in here.
 My old cabbage patch doll and a second hand one we were given are very loved. They are in an old bassinet I found at an op shop and the blue trunk used to be mine many years ago. Her pretend food is made by me with felt and fabric. The sheets, quilt and table cloth are all made from vintage sheets.
 At the end of Ruby's bed is a small bookshelf which I put some vintage wallpaper at the back of. This houses books and little boxes with different toys of Ruby's.

So that is my little room tour of the evolution of Ruby's room from before she was born to before the new baby is born. I love the colour and handmade feel of the room. I really love it when she starts telling people "Mummy made that and that and that....". The baby will start out in our room and will start sharing with Ruby around the 3-4 month mark, so she will still have her own room for a few more months yet. 
There will probably be more changes over the next year, and we may even move so they wont have to share, but for now this is the room they have and I love it.

Em xx ♥♥♥


  1. Such a sweet room. It is lovely.

  2. I love your blog .. You sound such a lovely mummy. Enjoy every precious minute. They really are the best!

  3. Beautiful room, Emma. My favourite pieces are the crochet blanket and the felt garland strung across the wall. All the best for the arrival of your new addition.

  4. Just beautiful! We have such similar taste - and it's such a nice feeling when your kids love what you make :)

  5. That's a really beautiful room. It's great that it is so changeable.

  6. You've created such a colourful and inviting space. all the handmade pieces really make the room. x

  7. Great blog and I love the story behind this room ;)


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