Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Granny square blanket

Finally another project finished. Again, I finished it a couple of weeks ago and I have only just taken some photos. I started this blanket over a year ago, it was going to be for Ruby but I think it will be for the new baby. It is pretty much cot sized and it was nice finishing it off when it was cold as it kept my legs nice a warm.
 I used 100% wool Moda Vera from Spotlight. I couldn't make it any bigger as it has taken me so long to finish that Spotlight has changed the colours of the wool. I was happy to finish it in the end and didn't mind not making it bigger. I love the look of a granny blanket, but I really don't think it's for me. I like a project that wont take too long and can be finished quickly.
 The pattern I used was from Attic 24. Although when I came to finish it I realised I didn't quite crochet the center circle the way she did, but I think it looks very similar anyway.

How I finished it off.
Another project finished. I will look forward to having it tucked around my new little one soon.

Em xx ♥♥


  1. this is just gorgeous! I wish I were so brave with colors! the scalloped edge looks awesome!

    <3 Bethany @

  2. Ooh, that's pretty! I'm halfway through an endless ripple blanket and you have inspired me to keep going! Finished projects are so satisfying!


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