Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crochet sock monkey beanie

With winter slowly getting colder over here I thought Ruby might need a new beanie. I love sock monkey's and decided to make a crocheted sock monkey beanie. We are turning into quite the little girl and pink was requested, luckily I had found the same moda vera wool I use from Spotlight in an op shop for 50c a ball. Bargain, so I used some of the left over wool from the crocheted blanket and some of the cheap balls I found. It worked out to cost maybe $1.50 to make this.
We pose all the time now for photo's, I used the pattern I found from Repeat Crafter Me, and just changed the colours around.
 I may have added a couple of extra rows of increasing as we are a family of slightly larger heads, sad but true.
 I then decided to make a little one for the baby, I didn't make the ear flaps on or use button's for the eyes as it's for a baby. I made the new born size but thought it was a bit too small so I made the next size up.
Ruby holding the babies one, we love Angelina Ballerina in our house. Well I say "we" meaning mainly Ruby. She's very hard to find in Australia, lucky for English Grandparents, this Angelina is very well loved.

Em xx ♥♥


  1. What a cute little hat! I was just glancing through your sweet blog! I love your new magazine holders with the vintage wrapping paper too! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly Ps. I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Thank you, It's always nice to get new followers.

      Emma x

  2. I love that sweet hat, and of course the baby needs one too. I have one son with a bigger head and one with a smaller one, what is with that?
    Hugs to you,

    1. Ruby's head has always been on the larger end of the scale when she was a baby, I have had to increase the size of other beanies I made her too. I hope the next one hasn't got a larger head, mainly for the birth.

      Emma :)

  3. Emma, thay're SO cute!!! Brilliant crocheting!!! :-)


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