Saturday, June 15, 2013

A bit of this and that

I have been wanting a new place to keep some of my magazines as the place I keep them is a bit full. I do cull them and cut out any inspiration from them, but there are always some you don't want to get rid of. So I bought some cheap cardboard magazine holders and covered them with some of my vintage wallpaper. I love how they look now.
 They brighten up my shelf nicely.
 This little plastic purse has taken a couple of months to finish for some unknown reason. I'm glad it's finally finished, this one I added some metal clips to make it a bit more special. I use these to carry my phone, cards and money in. Along with any other bits and bobs I may need, my other one bit the dust so that's why a new one was needed.
 I bought Beci Orpin's new craft book, I have been eyeing it off for a while and decided to just buy it. It really is a bit lovely.
And I also bought the new Mollie Makes craft book, it's a bit sweet too. 

I'm 38.5 weeks and I'm very keen for this little one to arrive. I am all prepared now, I finally packed my bag and have the car seat in the car, clothes washed and the bassinet is up. I already had everything I just had to get it all ready, now we just wait.

Em xx ♥♥


  1. How exciting your new little one is almost here! Good luck,

  2. I love the magazine holders! They look amazing with your cute cute wallpapers decorating them! What a fantastic idea!
    Hope you don't have to wait TOO long for your little new arrival to arrive.....

  3. Gosh love the wallpaper you chose. x


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