Thursday, May 9, 2013

My babies new quilt

I've been finishing projects before the baby comes, and one of them was the quilt for my new baby. I actually finished it the other week but just hadn't gotten around to taking photo's of it. I made a similar one for our friends little baby here which I loved and decided I would make one for our baby whenever we fell pregnant again. As we didn't find out the sex this time I wanted to make a unisex quilt. I love all these colour's and cant wait to put it in the cot. This quilt I used smaller squares and did more quilting than usual on it. I was very inspired by the quilts from Red Pepper Quilts as she does this kind of quilting and I've always loved the look of her quilts.

 The quilting is done on both sides of the joins, I mostly do stitching in the ditch.
 Here is the backing, I spent a little extra money on the backing and binding as I didn't spend anything on the fabric front of the quilt as I went through my stash. I was so happy with it and Ruby likes to sing "Ring a Rosie" when ever she sees it. The fabric is "little apples ring a Rosie" from Kelani fabric. I have used the white version in the quilt too.
 Again the binding was inspired by Red Pepper Quilts, I love it.
All ready for baby number 2. 33 weeks now, I am finally quilting Ruby's vintage sheet quilt as we are nearly finished painting Ruby's bed my Dad made. I cant wait to change Ruby's room around and show you her bed. As we are renting and only have 2 bedrooms, the 2 of them are going to have to share. But the room is a pretty good size, so there is lots of room for them both.

Em xx ♥♥

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the fabrics you've used.

  2. i love the colours you've used - and that its not too baby-ish. i love that its something he/she could have on the back of their couch when they move out of home (then it will be vintage! fun!). my son has been lucky enough to receive 3 lovely quilts, but already at the age of 4 he is not so keen on have the baby print noahs ark quilt on his bed. but he still loves his eye-spy and retro dick and jane ones :)

  3. I couldn't find any better place to write to you than to leave a comment under this post. I am following your blog for quite a while. Therefore I have nominated you for The Dragon's Loyalty Award. See my latest post for the details if you want to accept the award. Thank you for inspiring and teaching me. Keep up the good work! Happy Blogging! With Love Ruta :)

  4. I LOVE it!!! The colours are just perfect - for a girl OR boy. And the fabrics are all cute, fun ones! :-)


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