Monday, May 27, 2013

Lamp revamp

I have been using this lamp in Ruby's room, it's an old one Mum had and gave to me. I have been wanting to make it nicer for a long time now, so the other day I finally gave it a make over. I bought a new shade as I didn't like the shape of this one.
 ....And after. I found this shade for $10 at Bunnings, it was the shape I wanted and cheap compare to some other ones I've found. I bought this fabric from Kelani a little while ago and thought it would look pretty cool on the shade. And I just painted the base, Ruby loves it. There are many tutorial's out there to cover shades, I basically sprayed the fabric and shape with spray adhesive then used some glue to glue down the ends on the inside of the shade. I also sewed a small seam on one end of the fabric for a neat finish.

Looking pretty nice.

4 weeks to go till the new little one is due, I am pretty over it now and want to meet the new little one.

Em xx


  1. Absolutely lovely lamp :D I love your style a thanks for so much inspiration.
    Good luck with the next 4 weeks before a new baby come and brings much hapinness to you all.

  2. Very pretty. Jess from Craftiness is not optional used that same fabric in her Belgian outfit. Good luck for the next month. I know the last few weeks feels like it drags on...put your feet up as much as you can:))

    1. Thanks, I know I saw her Belgian outfit. I didn't buy enough for clothes, but I will be able to get a few more little projects out of it, It is just so pretty. Trying to rest as much as I can now :)

  3. Such a cute lamp and the fabric is perfect. Well done,

  4. I think you are definitely nesting... And what beautiful nesting it is .


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