Monday, April 15, 2013

What I've been up to

I have been sewing heaps lately, I have just been slack taking photo's. So lets have a look what I have been up too.
 Along with Ruby's vintage sheet quilt (which still isn't quilted) I made another hankie quilt, which is just the top. I have been collecting hankies for ages now and have a few, I had a big haul the other day. And the end one is for my new little one, I made another quilt for some friends a little while ago. I used the same fabrics as I loved it so much, I also added more fabrics to the mix and made it with smaller squares.
 I made a lovely purchase from Kelani Fabric the other day. The top fabric is for the back of the babies quilt, as I didn't spend any money on the quilts front as I really raided my stash. So I decided to buy a lovely fabric for the back and I love it. Cant wait to start to quilt it now, and use the other pretty fabrics.
 I made a cushion cover on a whim one afternoon. I used left over squares from the vintage sheet quilt.
As I made some Easter things this year, I decided to make a little draw string bag to keep them all in. I couldn't just leave it plain, so I made a big "e" on a doily and appliqued it onto the bag.
 I really like it, maybe I could keep it for me. It would work, Emma starts with "e". I haven't put it away yet, it looks nice hanging on my door.
 Please excuse my bathroom, I made a little plastic bag holder for the bathroom rubbish. It sure beats the plastic bag I was using and much nicer.
 Another bathroom shot, I bought this bench at Ikea a little while ago. I bought it to bath the baby on and to have more storage for nappies etc. I was looking for a basket then my Dad randomly asked if I wanted any baskets as he had loads from Christmas hampers he gets. It fits perfectly, so I made a liner for it. It took me ages and was one of those things that I hated making and couldn't wait to finish.

But I like how it looks and looks ok, I am using it for Ruby's night time nappies. I think these will be the last ones I buy for her as she is always dry in the morning. I will use it for the babies nappies when he/she comes.

30 weeks this week, I think I look as big as I did when I was full term with Ruby. I get lots of lovely comments from strangers IE: "not long now" me: "actually yes, 11 weeks", or "I would have thought you would be due next month" me: "no, 3 more months". Always old ladies too, they don't seem to mind what they say.

Em xx ♥


  1. you have been busy at the sewing machine.
    love all your pretty fabric choices. x

  2. You've been VERY busy!!! I love the quilts - especially the one on the end (reds and blues and greys). It's gorgeous!!!


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