Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I do love Button's, a little project

I really do love button's. I don't always work with them but I have a little collection. Button's remind me of my childhood, anyone else remember the good old button box your Nanna had? I remember the old tin they were kept in and and loved  playing and sorting them. Ruby now does this with mine, she gets into my old button's we found in my Nanna's old stuff that were packed away for years. I rescued them and I love using them to the clothes I make for Ruby to remind me of her.
Anyway, in my nesting I decided to clear my fridge and redo all the photo's. I bought some plain magnets and went through the button's and sewed and glued them to the magnets.
 My little collection
 My favourite ones from my Nanna, and some old ones I have collected from op-shops.
 I began sorting them into jars, then gave up and keep the rest in a big jar.
 Here are my new button magnets. I think they are a bit cute and Ruby loves them even more, she was fascinated with them and had fun putting them on the fridge for me.
I love them so much, I think I might make some more. A pretty cheap and easy little project.

Em xx ♥


  1. Very cute, what a great idea.

  2. Ism in button heaven right now too.haveyou looked at ideas with buttons on Pinterest. Might keep you busy for awhile

  3. Love your magnets!! I wish I could raid your buttons - they are so pretty!! I made the mason jar pin cushions and those would be perfect!!

  4. I love spying on other people's button collections - and yours is a VERY impressive one!!! :-)
    I love the magnet idea - thanks for sharing!

  5. Great idea! Do you need a specific type of glue?
    Nicola (aka pommiechick on rav!) :)

    1. Hi Nicola,
      I used some basic super glue in a small tube as it dries super fast. I am not sure of the brand but they are all quite similar as I have used a few in the past.

      Emma :)


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