Friday, April 19, 2013

Fleece Quilt

This is what I also made last week. I wanted to make an easy quilt that Ruby could put over her whilst watching TV, or reading books and for the baby too. I bought this fabric for $2 at the stash and treasure market last year. I wasn't sure what to make with it, then I thought I would just back it with fleece for an easy quilt. I just quilted the lines that were there and binded it with similar coloured fabrics I sewed together. The only problem was the fleece stretched, so I had to pin a line then sew it, so it took a little bit of work but not too much.

 Ruby loves it and keeps her extra warm at night now too.
 Here is where I quilted, I just did the main lines. I really didn't feel like doing the smaller ones around the pictures.
 It didn't last long hanging up on the lounge.
 All folded up, the little chair I picked up at the Salvo's for $5. I want to re cover it and spray paint it, but at the moment it is getting a lot of use.
The fleece I used is super soft and I bought it at Lincraft, I love touching it. 

Off to the Destash market at Long Jetty tomorrow. Hoping to get some cheap fun fabric for more projects. Cant wait for a child free day.

Have a lovely weekend

Em xx ♥♥


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