Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little projects

I have been slack with my Blogging, but I have been nesting..... big time. I can never start and finish one thing, I flutter about and then I find I have too many things on the go. My main thing is de-cluttering, I have sent so many bags of clothes to the Salvo's just because I started putting my clothes that don't fit away, but it's great as I now have loads more room in my draws and cupboard. Then I cleared out my stash and my linen cupboard, and it has just kept going.

At night though I have been doing little bits of this and that, small things to keep my hands busy. Finding new patterns to give a go and making little Easter treats.
 I made these little egg warmers from here and some easy little eggs. These are both easy to make whilst in front of the TV, and I am sure more will be made.

 I made these eggs from the first Mollie Makes magazine. I made some for Ruby when she was little to throw, and now she is bigger she plays with them in her kitchen. So I made some for my niece, some have bells in them and some don't. I used mainly fabric from my scrap pile and made them each a different colour. These will be her little Easter gift's.

When I was making heaps with felt, I made and ice cream here. I used the same pattern from one of my felt books and used fabric instead. I was really happy with how they turned out. I put interfacing in the cone to make it stronger and the purple one has a bell in it, it's also for my niece. I love how they turned out.
 Bit of orange stitching for the waffle cone look, and a bit of trim to tidy up the seam.
 Then I started making some of Attic 24's flowers and wanting to make more of her other ones and the wreath. And also some of the flowers from the new Mollie Makes.
And I made a carrot cake for my man's birthday the other week. It's the Donna Hay Carrot cake and I found it really easy to make, and to make it easier I used the new philadelphia cream cheese icing. I tell you what, it saved time and there was less mess in my kitchen and it tasted great.

Have a lovely week.

Em xx


  1. What a lovely creative outbursts you had this week! I especially love the textile eggs and the crocheted flowers. Spring is in the air!!

  2. Emma, As you may have guessed, I totally ADORE this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE xxx

  3. I love those eggs (now on my to do list for Easter!). The cake looks gorgeous. Chel

  4. This post is just cute, cute and more cute!!! :-)

  5. You've been very busy, love those chunky crochet egg covers, great colours.

  6. Those egg covers are so cute! The cake looks delicious too :) Elisabeth xx


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