Monday, March 11, 2013

Having a go with Pom Pom trim

I bought these great fabric's when I was in Berry and on our road trip holiday last May. I wanted to make something nice for me and was really needing to update my cushions. So I made this cushion cover, it has been sitting half made in my craft nook for ages as I wanted to try something different on it. Then I decided on pom pom trim and I love it. I have never used it before and had no idea on the best way of sewing with it. My first try went horribly, after a night of unpicking I was back at square one.
I then found this lovely blog with a great tutorial and some other wonderful things, before I new it I was done. 
 I love all the colour's together.
I might make another one with a different design.
I love the back also.

I am finishing off one now for Ruby, and it also has pom pom trim (this may be a new addiction).

Em xx


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Qué bonito!! Me encanta ese cojín.
      Un saludo desde Madrid.

  2. Love the pillows the fabrics are so pretty. And I also am in love with your ice cream cones from your previous post, so adorable.

  3. Gorgeous colours! And I LOVE that pompom trim!


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