Sunday, March 31, 2013


I am home and full and tired, so is everyone in our house. We had a nice family lunch out and had Chinese, it was so nice not to worry about cooking and cleaning. I can''t remember the last time we had Chinese and Ruby enjoyed the plain rice, what a surprise.
I made this little crochet basket the other day for Ruby to collect her Easter egg's in. I had been looking for a pattern for a while then one day the lovely Cherry heart put this lovely tutorial up on her blog, perfect timing. It was easy to make and I made it nice and colourful. I made a handle so Rubes could carry it about.

 I even used the spray starch to make it hold it's shape.
 We have a very small front yard with only grass and 3 pot plants. Ruby enjoyed it though, this is the first time the Easter Bunny has come to our house.
 She loved the basket and enjoyed looking for the egg's. Its funny as Ruby hasn't had chocolate much, maybe as icing on cakes or on a biscuit. So when she found an egg she said "this ones for mummy", so sweet.
She got a DVD and a princess plate set. We also got some plastic eggs and I put some little Peppa pig figures in them, with a couple of little eggs too.
Happy with the whole experience we watched her DVD and had breakfast. We gave her a couple of small eggs, she went nuts! Chocolate must be in small amounts for this monkey, or just not at all.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Em xx


  1. She looks so adorable hunting for those eggs, I love the basket you made for her it is darling.
    Happy Easter,

  2. I love your crochet basket! Just lovely.
    M xxx


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