Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage sheet quilt

Last week I was busy sewing together my vintage sheet quilt for Ruby. When Ruby was a baby, this was a project I knew I wanted to do when she was old enough to go into a big bed. I have been collecting the sheets for a while now. The best thing about sheets is they don't cost much, and a using a sheet as the backing is easy as they are the right size and only cot about $4.
 After cutting out about 210 squares, I finally began to arranged the colour's and sewed it all together. 
Now I am torn on what to do, I am considering paying to get it quilted properly. I always do basic ditch stitching, but I thought it might be nice to have it looking pretty. My machine is VERY basic so I am getting some prices, I would love Ruby to have it forever so it could be an investment maybe.

I will show you what I end up doing. We don't have a big bed yet for her so I am in no rush.
Food for a fussy eater, I have been craving sushi so I made some the other night. Ruby was showing a big interest in it and she also helped me make hers. I got creative with some heart cutters, as she is slowly eating a few more veggies she had cucumber, avocado and tuna. She even tried ours with the nori sheets, I was very happy.  

Em xx


  1. Oh, I adore the vintage sheets you've found! I have a tiny collection, but it looks like I need to hunt a bit harder! I don't know if I could ever cut into them, but the quilt is looking beautiful :)
    Helen x

  2. How beautiful and special!! I would like to nominate your blog for a Liebster blog award - let me know if that's ok!! Suz x

  3. Hi Emma, your quilttop is beautiful and making this for your daughter makes it even more beautiful! If I was you, I would go to a sewing shop and ask for a special quilt tool that you can also use on a simple sewing machine. You have to work without the transporter and the tool will make it able to free hand quilt (we call it meander in Dutch). sorry my technical English isn't that good... You can see the result of what I mean in this blogpost of mine: I quilted this without having a special quiltmachine! Hope this can help you a bit.
    Good luck with finishing this precious project!
    Hugs Ing

    1. Hey Ingrid,

      Yours looks great. I have tried quite a few times now on some small stuff, the tension on the bottom thread is always so loose and my machine was such a cheapie I cant adjust the tension. I bought the quilting foot, and lowered the dogs but alas no good. It is just so big that I think I am going to get this one done by someone else. Thanks for your help,
      Emma x


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