Thursday, February 14, 2013

Place mats

I have decided that I need to make more things with the fabric from my stash before I buy more. Having said that I am really looking forward to going down to Marrickville to the Stash and Treasure Recycler's Market. I went last year and I was in fabric heaven and everyone was lovely just to chat to and talk about what you are making.
So I made Ruby a little quilted place mat and mug rug, I used some of my cute Japanese fabric.
 This is the little mug rug, my binding is so not straight, but I've learnt to live with it.
 This is the place mat, I wanted to hand quilt it but I decided to machine quilt it as I thought I would be washing it a fair bit.

This is the backing fabric I used, both bought at last years stash and treasure market for next to nothing.

I am looking forward to it as it is going to be a child free day and an Ikea trip thrown in too. Last time I went to Ikea I was pregnant with Ruby, now I am pregnant for another trip. Just hope I don't get too tired.

Em xx ♥♥♥


  1. Sweet! Emma I have nominated you for a liebster blog award - i hope this is okay!! details are here:

  2. Oh my goodness those are pretty darn adorable!


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