Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some of my handmade Christmas gifts

Before I began feeling the effects of morning sickness, I decided to begin making my Christmas presents for our a friends kids early (which is lucky as I haven't sewed in ages).
This is what I made...
I made these little guys for the boys, 3 went to the UK and the other one went to Meet me at Mikes Softies for Mirabel appeal.

I made some little shoes for our friends little girl.

And I made her some quick change trousers too, they are nice and bright and colourful,
And I gave her the little crocheted bunny I made. This was her little gift
And for our other friends baby boy I made some of these little trousers with a jersey knit fabric.
And some bibs too, I tried something different and made some bandanna bibs.
And he also got the little crocheted bear I made too.

I really love giving handmade gifts for kids, cant wait to get sewing again.
Em xx


  1. You were busy - I love the crocheted fellas the best. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I remembere I went through a lull during those erky weeks too!

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