Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another top for Ruby

I made this dress/top for Ruby last week. I made the same one for her 2 Christmas's ago and it was way too big for a 5 month old and it was the newborn size. This is still the newborn size and I have taken it in! I do love the design of the dress and I am thinking I might try to make it with button's on the yoke and not put a zipper in. (I still haven't mastered the art of the zipper, I am never happy with any of the ones I do)
 I made it with some light fabric so it will be nice and cool in Summer, with a cute Japanese fabric for the yoke.
 This is the pattern, if anyone was going to use this pattern it is the arm hole that I had to take in. It's just too big, I just wonder how the 18 month size would be like, maybe it would fit me.
 My model for today

 I also decorated another T shirt, because I just love to.
A wee bit cute.
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Em xx

Monday, October 22, 2012

From the weekend

 I have fallen in love with sewing hexagons, I don't think I would say I am now going to make a quilt though. They are fun to sew together and I found them to be quite addictive. I am sewing flowers and using them to decorate small quilts. I have been doing two sizes, and I have been using up heaps of my scraps which is great.
 Here is one I have sewn onto a little quilt. I have been hand quilting which I quite enjoy doing.
 My little and big flowers
 I keep all my sewing bits in a tin so I can take them with me if I need to. Ruby fell asleep one day in the car so I parked the car near the sea and sewed a few hexi's.
 This is my other little shelf I painted, I picked this one up for $2 at an op shop. For this one I used some vintage wallpaper. The shelves are very small so I can only fit little things in there.
And finally, this is Ruby's bowl after her dinner last night. Anyone who has a fussy eater will know how frustrating dinner time can be when trying to feed a fussy 2 year old. Last night we had a chilli and Ruby's had no chilli and she had it with rice. Chris and I were so surprised that she ate it all, that I had to take a photo of the empty bowl.
Em xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small shelves

I picked this up the other week for $4. Ruby took it for a while and when she had stopped playing with it I stole it back and painted it. (she loved the draws)
 ......and after
 After painting it white sorry, simply vanilla, I stuck some pretty paper at the back. I love triangle designs on everything at the moment. So on the back I used the small triangle and bunting paper from Love Mae and the big triangle designed paper from Kikki K
 It is great for storing my washi tape.
And some of my many brooches.
I have another one I am in the middle of doing, and I have had it for ages too. One of the many little projects on the to do list.

Em xx

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wiksten Tank

Right, I made these a little while ago and they have been well worn. So I better thought I should post them when they were ironed and looking nice. They are the Wiksten Tank, I wasn't sure of the sizing after reading what size other people had made. I am a medium normally so I made the medium but it was a bit big even around my boobs, so I took it in all over and it fit better. The second one I made the small which fitted much better, I just had the make the arm hole a bit bigger. When tracing out the pattern you can adjust is accordingly.
 I love triangles and had to make it with this fabric, I love it and wear it heaps.
 This one I made with a sheer fabric, I was happy with how it turned out. And these tops are everywhere in the shops now, this one is much cheaper though.
 I made this skirt from the seersucker I bought at the op shop the other day for $2. I love the colours, and I wore it on that stinking hot day last week and it was nice a cool.
Me in my Wiksten tanks, I am so making more. I might even try the longer dress version too.
Em xx
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

More crocheted friends

Last week I was busy crocheting. I made a little bear for our friends new little baby boy. I used Pip's panda pattern from Meet me at mikes, I just made him colourful. 
 I love all the colour
 And who is this....
 I have been wanting to make this little guy from Amigurumi Two, instead of felt in the ears I used pretty fabric.
 This little girl is going to be Ruby's Christmas present, she isn't quite finished yet, mainly as she has no clothes. She is also from the same book, she is Oli's Baby. She is a bit different as I gave her a full head of hair. When I was little my dolls never had enough hair for my liking, so I gave her lots.
They look like a very happy little family.
I have missed crocheting, I love little projects as I get a finished product quickly.
Em xx
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last week

Another week, Another week of no posts. It was a bit busy last week, some days I didn't even turn the computer on! I had mother's group at my house last Tuesday, I am so glad I had such a great group. Anyway, five two year old's and two little babies later our house looked like you think it might. There were fights and playing and Vegemite squished into the floor, crying, poo explosions and toys that decided enough was enough and went a bit mental (removing the batteries did the trick). Well, I was in bed at 9. The crazy thing was when I was working my ratio for 2 year olds was 1-8 and I seemed to manage fine. I think we might meet at the park from now on.
On Friday I had to go to Chatswood, I had to go into Dasio for all the Japanese cuteness. And I finally had a good score at the op shops. I cant stand the shopping center's so I found the op shops and took Ruby to a cute park.
 I got a great sheet for $4 and the lovely floral fabric on top of it for $2. I think it will be a skirt for me, then on top of that I got a bundle of vintage fabric for $3. I got 8 golden books for just $2 and more old hankie's. I was very happy with my haul.
 Here is the bundle opened up, so many lovely patterns, Ruby loved them.
 I made pikelets with jam and cream for Mother's group.
 I even set up an activity table for colour matching, within minutes it was all on the floor.
My week, from the top making mini hexagons, Ruby washing up and loving it, Chris and Ruby having a jam, this is where I found Ruby one morning, she says "mummy make, I make" cant wait to get her sewing, and finally a new Little addition to our house anther little animal light from Lark, it is so cute.
I am on Instagram, if you want to find me I am at ilovebuttonsbyemma. I have been on it for a few months but only now using it a bit more.
Em xx
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