Thursday, August 23, 2012

Play Tee Pee

This was my present for Ruby for her Birthday. I love a Tee Pee and always wanted to make one for Ruby. After looking around and different tutorial's I found this one and liked it the best. It wasn't too big or small and had the look I wanted. I only wanted to make it if  Lincraft had there half price sale as I knew I would need a heap of fabric, it only cost $40 in the end. Lucky for me it was on a few weeks before her birthday. I always loved this fabric and wanted it to look like a cowboy tee pee, I do like the pretty ones but I love how this one looks. I used bamboo sticks as they are cheap and sturdy. I also made bias binding and put it all around the trims including the inside seams and the hem around the bottom. I just think it made it look a bit tidier.
It works well with my other cushions I already had.
 It doesn't have a bottom, I put a mat down outside and quilts down when inside. Ruby loves it. With all this lovely weather we have been having our lunch in it outside everyday.
 Here is the bias binding on the inside seams. It looks nicer I think.
I love how it turned out and Ruby has a lot of fun in it now too. I would recommend making this one if you feel up to it. Another way of making it cheap is using drop sheets from the hardware store. Then using a coloured piece to put the rods through ( or just wait for the sales it was 5m of the cowboy and 2m of the brown)

Em xx

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little sewing projects from the past week

I have been doing lots of little sewing projects the past week. They have been mainly for birthday presents for Ruby's friends, as they are all turning 2. I wanted to make things for them rather than buying just any toys.
 This wasn't a present, just a cheap jumper that I sewed a rabbit on for Rubes.
 Some nappy purses for some friends who had girls.
 I made some apples and pears for pretend food as some of the kids got play kitchens for their birthdays.
 This one I made a little bag and some felt biscuits and strawberries.

I made one of those travel car play mats. I need to make more boy things and I enjoyed making this. Apparently he enjoyed it and said the cars were sleeping in the garage and the in tunnel.
I made a little draw string bag to carry it in. I love this fabric, it's so cute.

I have only one more to make for, then its my mum's birthday and fathers day.

Em xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pink Ombre Cake

I made up my mind that I was going to make this cake for Ruby's Birthday. I then proceeded to have nightmare dreams about cakes. I had already made cupcakes for her birthday then banana muffins for a mini mothers group party so I was all baked out. But I decided I would do it, and I am glad I did. I studied Retro mummy's how to here. I think next time I would buy another cake tin ( I only had one tin and baked 4 times), trim the edges as I can see the cake through the icing and put more icing in between each cake. There was a couple of small uncooked bits in the cakes I found when leveling the cakes, but I got over it and you couldn't even tell. I did enjoy the cutting, I didn't tell anyone what was inside.

But most of all it was just yum, and Ruby loved it. She kept telling everyone "mummy make cake". I also loved that my great Aunty knows me well asking "was the cake stand from the Salvo's?" and yes it was, $3 and it was the perfect stand for it too.

Em xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handmade play kitchen

Creative Dad's-Grandpa's. I told my Dad I was going to try one of those DIY play kitchens from an old piece of furniture for Ruby's birthday, he said well he could make one. So I drew a quick idea for him, well he came back with a better drawing and a big idea of how he was going to make it. Well semi retirement is lots of fun for him cause look how it turned out. I found the coloured tiles for 15 cents each and the vintage wallpaper came from Daylesford when we had our holiday.
 The oven even has an oven tray and was painted with black board paint.
 Stainless steal sink of course
 Cath Kidston tea set from her Aunties in the UK
 One of the girls from mother's group bought Ruby the toaster, fits perfectly
 Tea towel rail, with Flight of the Conchords Tea towel
 Lots of washing up to be done, i had fun filling it with all my little handmade bits.
This is what her made her for her first birthday. Our little house is getting very full with Ruby things. But I do love it.

Em xx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crochet Giraffe

I didn't want to do this post until I gave this to my sister. I made this little guy for my new little niece or nephew, and....... it's a girl. Her name is Summer and she was born on the 2/8/12, a week before Ruby is 2. She is just so cute and lovely and I really want another one now. I made this little guy a few weeks ago and he has been waiting, well everyone was really. She was 11 days late, Ruby was 12 days late, we incubate well I think.
Now I didn't follow a pattern as I couldn't find one I liked. I kind of increased and decreased and I am really happy with how he turned out. Actually I would say this has been one of my favourite projects and everyone has loved him. I might have to make one for myself now.
I took quite a few photos...
On my bed
On the shelf
On the couch
Still on the couch
I also made this little guy, it's a rattle.

They look sweet together.
They have a very special person to make happy.

Em xx

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last week we went and saw Jack White at the Hordern Pavilion. This man has the most amazing stage presence, he just looks so tall from far away and just rocked. It was a great gig and there was a good diversity in the crowd, even kids. I am glad I drove down this time as running for trains is just not cool. And for those of you playing at home, he had the man band. (he decides on the night to use his male or female band)
I didn't take this photo, but it is from the night.
 I bought a whole heap of different fabrics in a bag for $5 at the car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. This lovely fabric was just waiting to be made into a cushion. There wasn't much of the blue floral part as the material had already been cut up.
 The back is the white, which there was more of.
Operation Tee Pee is in force, for a little girl who is 2 next week. Just crazy talk, where did that time go? Still waiting to be an Aunty, it has to be this week as she is already 9 days overdue.

Em xx

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