Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mug Rugs

Has anyone else found themselves on Pinterest looking up mug rugs? I have, it was on Monday night and maybe it was for a bit too long. I had to give them a go and found them to be another great way to use up scraps. I made two for us as we like to have a cup of tea and a biscuit in the evening (a bit different to how we used to spend an evening). They are quick to make and I really love them, I think I might start gifting them too.
I used the left overs from my quilts that I just made recently, they are his and hers ones.

 I sewed vertical lines to quilt them.

 I really like the back of them too.
 I also made another plastic purse, this one is a bit different.
 I am trying some different designs 

Ruby is going through a bit of a phase where she is now only wanting to wear the the same sloopy joe all the time and not her cardigans. So I bought her a cheap sloppy joe and sewed this cute dog onto. She loves the buttons and also loves dogs, so now she has two jumpers she likes to wear.

Em xx

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Play Dough 101

I thought I would do a post on Play Dough. After years of making at pre school I am now making it at home. If you think making it yourself is too hard and messy read on, it really isn't and it's much cheaper than the store bought variety. It seriously took me 5 to 10 Min's max.

2 cups plain flour
4tbs Cream of tartar
2tbs cooking oil (I only have olive oil and it works fine)
1 cup salt
2 cups water (boiling water, read on)
food colouring

Now the back of the box says cook on a medium heat, but who has the time or wants the mess on their good cook wear. I use boiling water and mix it in a bowl (wear gloves so we don't burn your hands). For the mix I have made I only used half the recipe as I only have Ruby and don't need loads. It makes a fair amount with the full mixture.

 I made it with Ruby
 I think the red on red probably wasn't a good idea for the photo's.
 This is with the boiling water in and mixing, steaming play dough.
 Mix it for a while and when you think it is looking congealed, take it out and knead on a floured surface.
 This is it just taken out without being kneaded, it is lovely and warm great to make in winter.
 All ready to play with now.
I gave Ruby what I had which was muffin tins, patty pans, rolling pin, heart cutter and big button's. But this is where you can get really creative.
Use Paddle pop sticks, glitter (lots looks amazing), match sticks, animals anything really.
I have made before the mix without colour in it. When I was kneading it I made 4 balls and mixed colours in then and made 4 colours, it looks great until it gets all mixed together to a khaki colour. You could try using 2 primary colours so when it gets mixed together it makes a secondary colour. This is great for learning colours also.

So there you have it, it wasn't so hard and all I have to clean is a bowl and spoon and a cup. Have a go, if you look after it it lasts really well. I always knead it back into a ball and put it in an air tight container or bag. It can be stored in the fridge or just leave it out, it still lasts well.

Em xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yarn Bombing

I am not sure if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting the centre of Gosford. It is a bit dire but for me it is close to walk to and I can get a coffee and check out Vinnie's and do some food shopping. It can be nice when the market is on, and can be regularly seen on Chanel 7's The Force- behind the Line. Well on Friday I took Ruby for a walk in and we were pleasantly surprised that it had been yarn bombed and it looked lovely. Below are some photos of our trip, it was done by The bower bird Project which is one of the only shops worth going in, apart from Vinnie's where I picked up a brand new pair of Grosby boots for Ruby for $3.

I will say Kibble park has been done up lovely and it is where the markets are held. But unfortunately making it look nice doesn't make up for the people that can be seen there. One of the great quote that my friend heard was "punch her in the head, no she is pregnant, well her head isn't!" nice isn't it?
But the coast is lovely in general, more needs to be done in Gosford. But it is nice to see the crafters out and making it a bit nicer.

How was your weekend?

Em xx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another little quilt

I made this quilt for our friends over in the UK. They are having a baby next month and they haven't found out the sex. So I made it unisex and a bit funky too, I really wanted to keep it as I love how it turned out. I used reds, blues, greys, black and white. I made it whilst I was quilting my big quilt, fun doing 2 quilts at once.

I raided my stash big time, and bought a couple of other patterns to bring everything together. I like the other smaller amounts of colour thrown in from the little people and animals.
And as I was making this whilst doing my big one and I had heaps of bits of batting left over so I sewed them altogether to make the right size.

 I made one of my nappy purses with this cute monkey fabric.
 This is the middle of it.
I love making things for babies.

Em xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bags of bags

I made a couple of bags over the weekend. The first one is a panel I got from Ikea a while a go. I used a purple gingham for the back and for the lining. I made it as I am always needing easy bags for small shopping trips, and I do like a tote bags.

 I made a small draw string bag with this super cute woodland fabric from Spotlight. I am going to make some bigger ones, as they are also quite handy for toys.

Sunday at Terrigal beach, just lovely we had some breakfast then had a walk along the beach and Ruby rode her bike. I love those kind of days, nice and casual.

Em xx

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This week

Guess who we saw on Tuesday night? Flight of the Conchords. We saw them up in Newcastle, which was so much easier than travelling down to Sydney. We have been BIG fans for a long time and missed out seeing them in London in 2010 due to being pregnant and coming back to Australia. They where so funny and we laughed the whole way through. They had some great costume changes and the funniest song about a fish. If anyone else had the pleasure of seeing them I am sure you thought the same.
 I took my camera....
 and took bad photo's,
 and got a great tea towel.
 Also this week, Ruby has been playing the drums hard, and broke one of them. Lucky we can use the other side.
 Like the Guns and Roses drum sticks, she actually has good rhythm for a 23 month old.
 I have been crocheting a little surprise for my new little niece or nephew, not long now.
 Finally got my new Mollie Makes, and crocheting more baby things.
Quilts and boxes for some indoor fun.

I feel like I have lost my sewing mojo, I hope it comes back soon. I will blame it on the house work and worrying about a little girl with a snotty nose. Off to the Doctors tomorrow, lets hope it isn't another ear infection, I am not looking forward to having to give her antibiotics it's a real struggle to give them to her.

Em xx

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally finished

Last night whilst not really watching Origin, I finally finished sewing my quilt. I am so glad I have finally finished it. You know when you have one of those projects that you look at every day and wonder if it will ever get done? I feel relieved and now I can get on with more projects. I have had the sewing machine set up down stair's for a couple of weeks now, just so I had more room with a big table.
I am not sure I am going to tackle such a big project again, I will stick to the smaller ones from now on ,but I love it and glad to see it on the bed. I may try more triangle quilts with some different patterns, I do like the way they look.

Here are some photo's..

 Here it is the other side, there was a few little tiny puckering, but I really didn't mind. I had already had to unpick about 10 lines, I wasn't prepared to do anymore.
All done and dusted, I cant wait to get back into some smaller projects.
I just bought the Wiksten tank sewing pattern, I cant wait to whip up some of these for summer.

Maybe I will get back to some regular blogging now.

Em xx
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