Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet Bunny

As I mentioned yesterday I was crocheting a Bunny. Well I managed to finish it today. I cant believe I did as we have had a jam packed day. We had kindy gym then I had to take Ruby for her 18 month check, then take her back to the clinic for her injections and then we had mothers group for our fortnightly catch up which I love. Needless to say Ruby is now sleeping hard.
But Bunny has come along with us all day, but stayed in the car. I am so pleased with it as it is my first big crochet toy. Ruby keeps kissing it which is lovely, I think I might make the small one too. I fllowed the pattern from this book. I have taken a few too many photo's of it, here she is.

 I used a matching floral in the ears and I think it makes it look a bit nicer, the pattern called for felt.

With my new crochet purse which was the best thing ever. everything I need is in there now.

Now what next to make, I have the crochet bug.

Em xx

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend

On the weekend we went to the Mathilda markets in Sydney. It was a lovely day and Ruby enjoyed playing in the park at Fox studios. We went to Chatswood after and went to Daiso. Now if you love cute Japanese stuff this may or may not be the place for you. I say may not, as everything is $2.80 and you can easily get carried away in there. I stayed in control and said no to the whole stationary section. I only bought a few things, but I could have eaisly bought more in the kitchen section. They have so many cute containers, I bought a pack of 3 little ones and said that was enough. 
 As you can see this stuff is cute.
 I began crocheting again over the weekend, I am making a rabbit for Ruby. I couldn't find my crocheting hooks, as they where in different draws and bags. So I made a purse to keep them all tidy. I made one a little while ago for my friend which is here.

I made mine a little different, I put some felt inside for my needles. And more pockets for threads etc.
Now tonight I may just finish it, it's a big one and a bit cute.

Em xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Girl

Its a girl, my lovely friend Holly just had a lovely little girl on Monday. Ruby and I went up on Wednesday and saw her, she is just so little and cute and I want another one.
We took up a couple of little gifts, handmade of course.

I made a nappy wallet and crocheted a rabbit rattle. Ruby was very interested in the rattle, I might have to make her one.

I have been trying to think of things to make for boys, I made this little plastic bag. I thought for cars, Lego, spider pig etc. I am thinking of things to make for boys, as I was talking to another girl about how there is a lack of boys things at markets. Anyway, keep on sewing.

Em xx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

On the weekend my man had his birthday, we had the day together on Saturday and enjoyed sushi for lunch, saw "the Descendants" and then went and watched the Central Coast Mariners. So it was a nice day to ourselves, a little rarity. I made him a few gifts which he actually really liked and loved that they had a bit of thought put into them.
 I picked this material up for $5 a few weeks ago at the Salvo's. I thought it was quite cool so I made him another pair of shorts.
 I put a whole heap of his gig tickets into a frame, it was like a trip down memory lane. Except he couldn't remember all of them as he had had a few. I love that on one of the stubs Coldplay are at the bottom of the bill, he said there was only about 10 people there. I think they get a few more people now though.
 Being a pre-school teacher I cant help but take photo's of Ruby doing things. So she did him a lovely collage and I took some photo's and framed it, he just loved this one.

Ruby couldn't miss out, she got a new pair of happy pants and a cute bow.

Em xx

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day

I am not one for Valentines day, we did something for our first one together, then we stopped bothering. I make little things, but Chris did buy me a cute stamp set this year which was sweet.
I decided to go old school and ice some arrowroot's. I had mothers group so I made them for that, I decorated them with jelly baby couples with heart sprinkles on red icing. 

 I have so many photo's like this, you cant leave anything around near these little hands.
 A bit of fun
I put one in a little bag for Chris, I used the stamps to decorate it. I had lots of grand ideas, such as heart cake pops, and handmade biscuits with lovely icing but time got away from me. So that's why I went old school.

Em xx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Georgie Love Giveaway

I have yet to win a comp in blogland, but this one has such great prizes I just have to give it a try. You can find the info Here

Some of the things I love from the site are:
Patchwork Doily BroochSailor Bunny Wooden Framed Brooch
More Brooches
Bonjour Love PendantLove Deer Wooden Pendant (short chain)
Some cute necklaces
Mustard Native Neckscarf
And for the Winter months.

This is the prize
Quite cool hey.
Got to be in it to win it.
Em xx

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pimp my ride

I went to some op shops today (again) down in Long Jetty. It is really turning into a cool vintage op shop hub up there, there is a great new cafe called "Glass onion" and I wanted to take everything they had and put it in my house.
But anyway I found this pram, well Ruby did there were 2 and I opted for the light pink and purple one instead of the brink pink one. Ruby didn't care all she wanted to do was push it around. So I bought it for $2, and Ruby was extremely happy and pushed up the street. I began thinking of how I could change it to get rid of all the tacky Bratz logo's all over it.
 Before, not bad for $2.
 And after, Morrissey is loving his new ride. (can you tell Dad is a Smiths fan?)

 I covered the wheels with this Holly Hobby wrapping paper. The circles around each picture were the exact same size as the wheels. How nice is the paper? I love it.

I went back to Hobby Sew and bought some more fabric, I made Ruby some new happy pants for this odd weather we are having. So I used some of it as I thought it kind of matched the pram. I traced the old seat cover and cut out a new one, I also made some bias binding to sew around the outside of it.
I am pretty happy with it and got it all done and doing the post for it and Ruby is still sleeping, so quite quick and easy really.
Maybe you might want to pimp your child's ride too.

Em xx

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bit of this and that

I officially feel old, but I think it maybe tiredness with the lack of sleep for the past 18 months. My lovely man and I went to Laneway in Sydney on the weekend. Now I love a music festival and it was a beautiful day for it, but we left around 7.30pm. Festival Fail I would say, but I had a wonderful night sleep and a rare sleep in as Ruby was at my Dad's. It was a great day with a fun atmosphere and short skirts and shorts as far as the eye can see. Yesterday I found myself checking out the line up for Groovin the Moo for Maitland, could we do it I thought. Chris was quite excited with the fact he could see Andrew WK, we will see.
My new finds for the week.

 A lovely new tablecloth, not very soft but for $4 why not. I was more in love with the colours.
 New beads, I have a grey dress and I had been looking for some bright necklaces to go with it. I was looking for these colours too, They are the same and found them in 2 different shops, I am going to make them longer I think.
 Hobby Sew opened at Erina on the weekend. My partner in crafty crime Larissa and I went and I picked up some cute florals. I am not sure what to make yet, but I might add them to my little on going project.
Which is this, I started this scrappy quilt with just my off cuts. But them I started adding more fabric as I loved how it was looking. It is just getting bigger, and whats great about it is you can just add to it with anything. It has a bit of all my favourite material in it. It may just get massive or be bigger than Ruby's cot ones.

Em xx

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A new skirt for little miss

The weather was horrible yesterday, so I made Ruby her skirt from the left over fabric from mine. I added some extras to hers, some cotton lace around the bottom and a little heart.
We are very much at the dressing up stage, so she was more than happy to put it on and model it for me. And check out the accessories, later she was in my shoes and wanting to put my clothes on.

I also made some cute little bows for her hair, she is wearing a massive big pink one I made her a while ago in the other photo.
Em xx 
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