Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colour Pouches

I made another clear bag yesterday with some of the left over plastic I had. I had a plan for it too, I also have lots of smaller sized plastic bits that I have kept. So I decided to make some colour recognition pouches.

I cut them all to the same size and sewed around the pouches and left one end open. I then collected lots of little bits and bobs of the same colour that weren't too bulky. I then placed them into the pouches and sewed them all closed. I thought this would be a fun way for Ruby to play with colours and see the little things inside too. When I was working with kids I was always coming up with fun ways for children to learn colours. When she learns them I can make more with some of the ones I missed.
Em xx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Another skirt

Here is a new skirt that I have just made, I have had the material for a while now. So with the humid weather upon us I decided to finally make it so I had something else to wear. The fabric is a floral Lawn from Spotlight, it was on special when I got it so it was a bit cheaper. I didn't use a pattern, I used about a meter and a half in length and then cut off the bottom for the length of the skirt. I put in box pleats and a zipper at the back, I then trimmed the fabric at the back of the skirt so it was the right size. Except I still always make them a tiny bit big, oh well.

Notice a little someone getting in on this photo, you can see the pleats better here.

I bought the belt today for 50c and thought it matched quite well. I am going to make Ruby a skirt or dress with the left overs (we wont be wearing them on the same day, my Nanna did that with my Mum when she was little. Mum remembers she hated it)
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby quilt

Last week I made this little quilt for my good friend for her baby shower. She is due on 24th Feb, but she could have a little girl with a leap year birthday. So I made her this little quilt, I managed to keep the costs down with this quilt. The purple spot fabric cost  me $1 at the Salvo's, it matched perfectly with the owl fabric I had. As I had so much of the purple I used it for the backing. The quilt came together quickly, it was just that I kept forgetting to buy the batting. So it just sat there waiting to be quilted, much like my big one I need to finish.

 Here it is in Ruby's cot.
 Ruby had to get in the photo.

I made cake pop's, I made pink ones like the ones I made before. Here are the ones I kept, I had left over chocolate so I made some big freckles. mmmmm

Em xx

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pregnancy Diary

Not for me, this is what I made my sister for her birthday. She is 13 weeks and I cant wait to be an Aunty, and for Ruby to have a little first cousin (she already has 3 but they are in their late 20's and 30's). So my sister said she was looking at the diary's in Kikki K, but they where expensive and very uninspiring. So I bought an A5 folder and made a cover and found some nice things to fill it with.
I used some different materials and found the inspiration from Meet me at Mikes.
 I added some inside pockets for pen's and a small pad.
 I printed out the calender for My Owl Barn. I used it as dividers for the months and put in diary pages in each month for appointments, scan photos etc.
 A back pocket too
 I slide in a small note book in the back
I put a button and elastic to close it together, it isn't too big so she can put it in her bigger handbag, and in the future she could use it again for something else.

Em xx

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's my little sister's Birthday today, and she is 30. The 3 of us are now all in our 30's. It is frightening sometimes when you think "but I was only in high school.........16 years ago! WHAT!" When you have to start counting again with your second hand, you know it's bad.
But lets get into some fun wrapping, I was very inspired by Hello Sandwich. I got out all my coloured tape and got to work.

I loved the confetti bow from Hello sandwich, but I didn't have any clear contact. So I used clear plastic and sewed it together and filled it with star confetti that I had, then sewed the seem shut and wrapped some coloured tape around it. I am quite pleased with it.
I will post what I made her tomorrow, just in case she looks at my blog today.
Happy Birthday Jen xx

Em xx

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clear toy storage bags

I found this tutorial last week and I just had to make these. After Christmas and saying we weren't going to get much for Ruby, she still some how managed to get lots of things. I think it wasn't so much lots of toys, but toys with lots of bits ie, tea sets, Lego, puzzles etc. So when I found the tutorial I got sewing, as I have a new found love of sewing with plastic. They are not too hard to make, the only thing I suggest when sewing with plastic is use little craft wooden pegs, or paper clips. Pin's just put holes in the plastic and is more difficult, pegs are easy.
I made 2, a bigger and a smaller one. Ruby enjoys just carrying them around with her. I love them as you can see whats in them at a quick glance.

 This one I made the draw string with matching bias material.
But the second one I couldn't be bothered and used some coloured ribbon, and is actually easier to open.
So thanks to Pinterest I have made something fun and practical, I feel more just might be made. They don't need to be just for kids, they could hold make up, be used as a little toiletry bag, a peg bag, for sewing, crochet, knitting...... the possibilities. Happy sewing.

Em xx

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great finds from Christmas

Over the Christmas period I found a few nice things
 I found this on Christmas eve for $2.50 which I used the same day as it was my Great Aunties Birthday.
 I also used this new table cloth I found at a cute vintage shop in Long Jetty.
 I also got this very cute tin.
 I found all these for a couple of dollars
I picked up this purple fabric for $1, it is perfect for a quilt I am making for my friends little girl, who will be born soon. And my lovely friend Larissa found this old school baby deer fabric which is too cute for words, this was part of my Christmas present.
And this little deer she also found for 50c, I was a tad bit excited when she gave it to me, I love it.
Em xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Man Shorts

The other day my great Aunty gave me some old sheets that used to be my Nanna's. She new that out of me, my brother and sister I would be the one who would like them. There was 2 pink floral and 2 blue floral and then a blue check sheet. So I thought I would make Chris some around the house shorts. I used the comfy pants pattern from "Sew La Tea Do". I just made the pattern a bit smaller, I used elastic that was again my Nanna's that mum gave me that was in a box full of old sewing bits and bobs. So all up these shorts cost me $0.
 They even have pockets, which is great for keeping his phone in away from little miss.
 And because they were for a man, I thought it would be best to put in a tag at the back. Just to make it easier for him when putting them on, so they aren't worn back to front.
I made this a while ago, it's a new little plastic purse made from some of my vintage sheets and some Bambi fabric. I made a handle for this one, basically I use this daily when I am out with Ruby. It is full of my cards, money phone etc, I can put it in my stroller or pop it in a bigger bag. When I walk Ruby into the shops she likes to carry it, hence the added strap. And when I am by myself it fits perfectly into my hand bags. It is just very handy.
I am finally getting my craft on after a slow start to the new year.
Em xx

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zucchini Pizza

A while ago I caught a bit of The Circle and Jane Kennedy was on and she made this Zucchini Pizza Base. I only saw a bit of it but what I saw she grated the Zucchini squeezed the juice out and mixed in an egg and mozzarella. So I gave it a go, and it worked quite well and was really tasty and filling. I make them a lot now and had it for dinner tonight.
 As I didn't really see what she did, I winged it. Here is my zucchini base after being cooked.
I topped it with just tomato paste, tomato, ham and red pepper with mozzarella. It is a good dinner to use left overs, I have put all sorts of things on them.  I also made some smaller ones for Ruby, she ate a bit but at least I know she is eating some veggies.
After looking around I found the recipe here. It is quite healthy and easier than making your own pizza dough. Enjoy.
Em xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A night out

After a quiet start to the new year, Chris and I had a night out last night. We went and saw the "Fleet Foxes" at the Opera House last night. It was pretty amazing and they sounded so great in the Concert Hall. We had seen them previously at Glastonbury, but it was outdoors and I think their sound was just lost. I am terrible with reviewing Gigs, but I will say the Drummer was a joker and overall it is great seeing hairy men rock hard.
We have a few more gig's coming up in the year which we are looking forward to. 

I never take my camera with me, so here is a photo I found of them on stage.
I highly recommend their latest album "Helplessness Blues",
I hope everyone had a great new year.
Em xx

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