Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wiksten Tank

Right, I made these a little while ago and they have been well worn. So I better thought I should post them when they were ironed and looking nice. They are the Wiksten Tank, I wasn't sure of the sizing after reading what size other people had made. I am a medium normally so I made the medium but it was a bit big even around my boobs, so I took it in all over and it fit better. The second one I made the small which fitted much better, I just had the make the arm hole a bit bigger. When tracing out the pattern you can adjust is accordingly.
 I love triangles and had to make it with this fabric, I love it and wear it heaps.
 This one I made with a sheer fabric, I was happy with how it turned out. And these tops are everywhere in the shops now, this one is much cheaper though.
 I made this skirt from the seersucker I bought at the op shop the other day for $2. I love the colours, and I wore it on that stinking hot day last week and it was nice a cool.
Me in my Wiksten tanks, I am so making more. I might even try the longer dress version too.
Em xx
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  1. Wow love them and your fabric selection is divine... where did you source the fabric from?

    I have this pattern and can't wait to make my own - especially after seeing yours :) Jenny

    1. Hey Jenny, I got them both from Spotlight in Australia, it is just down the road from me, not good sometimes :) Have fun with the pattern I really like it how it sits on me.

  2. Loooove your tanks! Especially the hummingbird one. :)

  3. Your tank tops are just beautiful, Emma. Truly. It's times like this that I wish I could sew!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Great tanks! I love the birdie fabric - clicking over to that link now....I think I need tanks too : )
    BTW I love your banner

  5. Beautiful. I especially like the swallow fabric. Well done, you!

  6. That birdie one looks straight out of a shop! I love it, you've done a great job. Checking out that pattern now, it doesn't look too hard?


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