Monday, October 22, 2012

From the weekend

 I have fallen in love with sewing hexagons, I don't think I would say I am now going to make a quilt though. They are fun to sew together and I found them to be quite addictive. I am sewing flowers and using them to decorate small quilts. I have been doing two sizes, and I have been using up heaps of my scraps which is great.
 Here is one I have sewn onto a little quilt. I have been hand quilting which I quite enjoy doing.
 My little and big flowers
 I keep all my sewing bits in a tin so I can take them with me if I need to. Ruby fell asleep one day in the car so I parked the car near the sea and sewed a few hexi's.
 This is my other little shelf I painted, I picked this one up for $2 at an op shop. For this one I used some vintage wallpaper. The shelves are very small so I can only fit little things in there.
And finally, this is Ruby's bowl after her dinner last night. Anyone who has a fussy eater will know how frustrating dinner time can be when trying to feed a fussy 2 year old. Last night we had a chilli and Ruby's had no chilli and she had it with rice. Chris and I were so surprised that she ate it all, that I had to take a photo of the empty bowl.
Em xx

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  1. They look lovely Emma, but I must say that I'm loving your shelves! The wall paper looks fantastic!


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