Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Father's Day cakes

Long time no post, I don't know why, I have been busy with other things I suppose. But here we are, and I made BBQ cup cakes for Father's Day. Sausage and egg and then kebabs, a bit cute and yum too.

 I have done a bit of sewing, I made a cover for a folder which I keep all my bits I cut out of magazine before I throw them away. Kind of like an ideas folder/scrap book. When Ruby saw it she said "it's so amazing" I thing she watches too much Angelina Ballerina.
I covered some boxes I bought for 50c each. They were Christmas boxes, but now they look a bit nicer, I love the triangle paper.
I hope everyone has a lovely week.
Em xx


  1. Those fathers day cakes are awesome Emma. So cute, def an idea to copy next year x

    1. Thanks, they where a bit fun to make. I love getting creative with cakes, I love google images for inspiration


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