Thursday, August 23, 2012

Play Tee Pee

This was my present for Ruby for her Birthday. I love a Tee Pee and always wanted to make one for Ruby. After looking around and different tutorial's I found this one and liked it the best. It wasn't too big or small and had the look I wanted. I only wanted to make it if  Lincraft had there half price sale as I knew I would need a heap of fabric, it only cost $40 in the end. Lucky for me it was on a few weeks before her birthday. I always loved this fabric and wanted it to look like a cowboy tee pee, I do like the pretty ones but I love how this one looks. I used bamboo sticks as they are cheap and sturdy. I also made bias binding and put it all around the trims including the inside seams and the hem around the bottom. I just think it made it look a bit tidier.
It works well with my other cushions I already had.
 It doesn't have a bottom, I put a mat down outside and quilts down when inside. Ruby loves it. With all this lovely weather we have been having our lunch in it outside everyday.
 Here is the bias binding on the inside seams. It looks nicer I think.
I love how it turned out and Ruby has a lot of fun in it now too. I would recommend making this one if you feel up to it. Another way of making it cheap is using drop sheets from the hardware store. Then using a coloured piece to put the rods through ( or just wait for the sales it was 5m of the cowboy and 2m of the brown)

Em xx

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  1. You've done a wonderful job! I love the cushions too! I keep looking at making a tee pee, then throw it in the too hard right now basket. I should just get over it & do it!!!

  2. LOVE how your teepee turned out!! That fabric is adorable and I have to agree with you that the bias binding makes it look neater :) Glad the tutorial helped out!

    Pink Toes and Power

  3. this is fabulous! my sis and i had a cowboy and indian teepee when we were kids- i'd forgotten about it until i saw your photo of inside. awesomeness, might have to make one, too! thanks for the inspiration :)sarah

  4. Wow, awesome teepee! I love it. I'm visiting from My Creative Space and just wanted to say Hi!


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