Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handmade play kitchen

Creative Dad's-Grandpa's. I told my Dad I was going to try one of those DIY play kitchens from an old piece of furniture for Ruby's birthday, he said well he could make one. So I drew a quick idea for him, well he came back with a better drawing and a big idea of how he was going to make it. Well semi retirement is lots of fun for him cause look how it turned out. I found the coloured tiles for 15 cents each and the vintage wallpaper came from Daylesford when we had our holiday.
 The oven even has an oven tray and was painted with black board paint.
 Stainless steal sink of course
 Cath Kidston tea set from her Aunties in the UK
 One of the girls from mother's group bought Ruby the toaster, fits perfectly
 Tea towel rail, with Flight of the Conchords Tea towel
 Lots of washing up to be done, i had fun filling it with all my little handmade bits.
This is what her made her for her first birthday. Our little house is getting very full with Ruby things. But I do love it.

Em xx


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