Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last week we went and saw Jack White at the Hordern Pavilion. This man has the most amazing stage presence, he just looks so tall from far away and just rocked. It was a great gig and there was a good diversity in the crowd, even kids. I am glad I drove down this time as running for trains is just not cool. And for those of you playing at home, he had the man band. (he decides on the night to use his male or female band)
I didn't take this photo, but it is from the night.
 I bought a whole heap of different fabrics in a bag for $5 at the car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. This lovely fabric was just waiting to be made into a cushion. There wasn't much of the blue floral part as the material had already been cut up.
 The back is the white, which there was more of.
Operation Tee Pee is in force, for a little girl who is 2 next week. Just crazy talk, where did that time go? Still waiting to be an Aunty, it has to be this week as she is already 9 days overdue.

Em xx

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