Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yarn Bombing

I am not sure if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting the centre of Gosford. It is a bit dire but for me it is close to walk to and I can get a coffee and check out Vinnie's and do some food shopping. It can be nice when the market is on, and can be regularly seen on Chanel 7's The Force- behind the Line. Well on Friday I took Ruby for a walk in and we were pleasantly surprised that it had been yarn bombed and it looked lovely. Below are some photos of our trip, it was done by The bower bird Project which is one of the only shops worth going in, apart from Vinnie's where I picked up a brand new pair of Grosby boots for Ruby for $3.

I will say Kibble park has been done up lovely and it is where the markets are held. But unfortunately making it look nice doesn't make up for the people that can be seen there. One of the great quote that my friend heard was "punch her in the head, no she is pregnant, well her head isn't!" nice isn't it?
But the coast is lovely in general, more needs to be done in Gosford. But it is nice to see the crafters out and making it a bit nicer.

How was your weekend?

Em xx

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