Thursday, July 12, 2012

This week

Guess who we saw on Tuesday night? Flight of the Conchords. We saw them up in Newcastle, which was so much easier than travelling down to Sydney. We have been BIG fans for a long time and missed out seeing them in London in 2010 due to being pregnant and coming back to Australia. They where so funny and we laughed the whole way through. They had some great costume changes and the funniest song about a fish. If anyone else had the pleasure of seeing them I am sure you thought the same.
 I took my camera....
 and took bad photo's,
 and got a great tea towel.
 Also this week, Ruby has been playing the drums hard, and broke one of them. Lucky we can use the other side.
 Like the Guns and Roses drum sticks, she actually has good rhythm for a 23 month old.
 I have been crocheting a little surprise for my new little niece or nephew, not long now.
 Finally got my new Mollie Makes, and crocheting more baby things.
Quilts and boxes for some indoor fun.

I feel like I have lost my sewing mojo, I hope it comes back soon. I will blame it on the house work and worrying about a little girl with a snotty nose. Off to the Doctors tomorrow, lets hope it isn't another ear infection, I am not looking forward to having to give her antibiotics it's a real struggle to give them to her.

Em xx


  1. Hi Emma, yep we had an awesome night. I am only sorry I didn't read your comment before we left, if I had-of known they were selling t.towels I would've made a bee-line for the merchandising van instead of avoiding it. Drats!

    I love the quilt you made for your friends baby too btw. Gorgeous.

    1. It may have been the first gig I have been to that sold tea towels, so I was surprised to see them there. I dont normally buy things either and avoid that area too. It was a fantastic show though, I have been watching stuff on youtube.
      And thanks about the quilt, they loved it which is great news too.

  2. And I'm your 50th follower! Yay!


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