Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally finished

Last night whilst not really watching Origin, I finally finished sewing my quilt. I am so glad I have finally finished it. You know when you have one of those projects that you look at every day and wonder if it will ever get done? I feel relieved and now I can get on with more projects. I have had the sewing machine set up down stair's for a couple of weeks now, just so I had more room with a big table.
I am not sure I am going to tackle such a big project again, I will stick to the smaller ones from now on ,but I love it and glad to see it on the bed. I may try more triangle quilts with some different patterns, I do like the way they look.

Here are some photo's..

 Here it is the other side, there was a few little tiny puckering, but I really didn't mind. I had already had to unpick about 10 lines, I wasn't prepared to do anymore.
All done and dusted, I cant wait to get back into some smaller projects.
I just bought the Wiksten tank sewing pattern, I cant wait to whip up some of these for summer.

Maybe I will get back to some regular blogging now.

Em xx


  1. Adorable - I LOVE your colour choices and the way you've quilted - the back looks awesome too! And now you've got me wanting that tank pattern!
    Jenny :)

  2. Well done on persevering Emma, your quilt looks amazing.....

    ✭✭ gold! stars for a job well done.
    Great feeling when you complete a big project.
    You know I love the back too, puckering adds texture to it, so don't be too critical....

    Claire :}

  3. Beautiful as always. It definately looks like it was a big job, but worth it :o)

  4. It looks great, I particularly like the colours you've chosen. Love those greens!


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