Friday, June 8, 2012

Our little holiday

We are back from our road trip and we had a lovely time. I wont bore you with the details but basically we drove to Melbourne and back (well I drove). We went down the south coast and came back via Canberra. We have lovely weather all the way then it pretty much rained the whole time we were in Melbourne. We did a day trip the Daylesford which was lovely. We came to the conclusion that Melbourne isn't as much fun when you have a child, everywhere seems cramped and we couldn't get the pram in many places. Ruby spent most of her time jumping in puddles. But we just loved all the little towns along the way, so cute and everyone is just so friendly.

 Blow hole

 Eden whale museum
 Boyd's tower, such a great view
 Ruby and the Beat Box Kitchen, and with her third balloon for the day.
 Markit at Federation Square, just the best market ever.
Ruby and I at Fitzroy Falls
 The Mill Markets, Daylesford
Daylesford Bazaar, I bought some amazing retro wallpaper for $22 here.
Ruby at the Little Blow Hole

I am back into my sewing, and crocheting. I took it away with me but I was just so tired every night that I didn't do any.

Have a great weekend.
Em xx

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  1. Looks like a great trip and most of your photos were so familiar. My in laws live in Kiama and we've visited the blowhole often. My parents lived near Fitzroy Falls for some time, and we have visited the whale musuem and Boyd's tower. I think a weekend away may be in order soon :)


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