Thursday, May 3, 2012

Denim skirt

Mum gave me some old material that used to be mine before I travelled. I think this was a cushion cover, not sure so I thought it could be a skirt for Ruby for winter with cute tights.

 I made a band with this skirt and the back has elastic in it, I was trying something a bit different. I also put little pleats in the front to make it look like it had a button opening. I then put some vintage glass button's down the front. Ruby loves button's too, she is her mother's daughter. I had to hold off with embellishment's, I wanted it to be able to go with any of her clothes.
I bought this shirt for $5 for Ruby and added the front for something a bit different. Her Dad loves the bow, she used to have a little waist coat which would have looked cute with it. So quite a cheap little outfit for Rubes.

Em xx


  1. aww, she looks like a little darling! great job on the skirt and the shirt :)

  2. This is such a gorgeous little outfit. Love the sweet skirt and your addition to the shirt makes it so gorgeous. Just found you, this is a lovely blog you have here x

  3. oh so sweet what an amazing job you did. love the front of the shirt too, might have to pinch that idea off you for my little lady xx


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