Thursday, April 19, 2012


You know sometimes when you makes something and you think "why haven't I made these before?" Well I have had that moment all week when I was making some bib's. Ruby is past wearing bibs now, only if her food is extra messy but the chances of her eating it are very slim anyway. I have a baby shower on the weekend and my friend is having a boy so I thought why not make her some bib's. I then went through my stash and found some unisex patterns and made 8 as I know more people having babies. I made her the elephant ones as I think the material is just too cute.

 I used some towel fabric from Spotlight but I think next time I might just buy some cheap towels from Kmart as I think it would be cheaper and you can get more colours. Next burp cloths, why didn't I make those either? More for my sister, cant wait to be an Aunty.
And here is a crochet blanket I have started for Ruby for winter. I am only making a small one, so lets hope I finish it.

Em xx

(Finally some sun, Gosford was drenched yesterday there was all flooding near my place. Now for some washing, booo.)


  1. bibs are always useful when you have a little one and the ones you made are so nice I really like the material you used :)

  2. I did the same thing - only discovered how easy bibs were to makes AFTER my littlest no longer needed them. They do make lovely gifts though:) Your fabrics are adorable. Cyndy

  3. One can never have enough bibs and handmade ones make lovely gifts :)

  4. Bibs are a very important and necessary everyday complement for babies. I know it on my own experience with my 5 months son. He wets few daily, so it's good to have a bibs pile prepared always. :)

    Your bibs look great!


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