Monday, April 2, 2012

Arts and crafts

I have been doing sticking with Ruby for a little bit now and we have been making cards for family members. I have been putting some photo's inside the cards to show the creative process in creating them. I used to do this kind of thing in the children's scrap books when I was working, I also put an observation in but I didn't go that far with Ruby. 

 I have been keeping off cuts of felt and material, I have also been cutting scrap bits of paper into little shapes. I have mentioned before I used to tell the girls I worked with not to throw things away but to keep them and use them for craft. And I am still doing it now, even putting them into old Chinese take away containers. I have a little craft stock pile for Ruby to use, I cant wait till when she gets older to do some pretty cool things.
 It was the first time we tried glitter, maybe next time I wont do it on the carpet!
 Here is the card, I had to help with spreading the glue. It would have been eaten otherwise (she will happily eat glue, but not the lovely meals I make for her!)

I am thinking of doing some eggs for Easter next maybe.

Em xx

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