Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things for Ruby

I went to one of my local op shops on Monday and found a toy bassinet for $3 and a small side table for $5. I was thrilled, the bassinet was in the basket box I had to do some maneuvering to get to it but I am glad I did. When home after a good scrub I made a table cloth from an old sheet I found then I sewed an old doilie in the middle. Ruby is in love with it, as we have a 2 story place most of her toys are down stairs. But I am wanting to make her room more of a place for her to play when I am sewing. So this was a great addition to her room, and perfect for her tea sets.

 Its the perfect height for her to stand at
 Her room has changed a bit since being born
 I made a mattress, sheet and pillow for the bassinet from thrifted material
 This is my old cabbage patch kid, she is getting loved all over again.
My sewing projects are now getting a good work out now.

I love a vintage kids room

Em xx


  1. oh yum, doughnut & a coffee for me please Ruby!

    Great job! Nice tea table!

  2. Hi Emma
    Nice to find your sweet blog, my daughter Amelie would love to be at that tea party :-) what a nice room you have made.

  3. That is the sweetest little tea party the cloth you made, it's perfect :)

  4. Oh that's just perfect, my girls (and me) would love to play with all these delights! Love those doughnuts too, mmm x

  5. Just beautiful! And a lovely space too.

  6. Her room is so sweet and so are you oppy finds. Loving you sewn tea party too. Clever Mama! :)

  7. That is fantastic! :) I love what you have done with the table and bassinet... and I think I might just have the same vintage sheet print in my stash! :D Did you make the play food yourself?


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