Thursday, March 8, 2012

A new hat

I finally made the hat from Sew La Tea Do. I went through my stash and found some lovely material for this cute reversible hat. Ruby really loves it and it has good face coverage from the sun.

Here are the two sides of the hat, both ways look good.
Remember that girl group "Girlfriend" in the early 90's, remember the hats they wore, this is who Ruby reminds me of when she wears it like this.

Sweet (she also has on a Ruby necklace which I made from some beads found at a cheapo shop.

Em xx


  1. Ooo - delightful hat and so nice to have 2 sides to choose from. Your little one looks very pretty in her new hat. I love the wide brim. (Great necklace too!)

  2. It's gorgeous. I have that book and have been thinking about making the hat for a while and after seeing this, I think I will have to make it on the weekend.

  3. So lovely Emma. It's great to see unique things rather than just store-bought items. Your house must be a treasure trove of handmade goodies :o) BTW, Ruby's going to be a heartbreaker I think - such a beautiful girl.

  4. I've been meaning to buy that book. The hat looks adorable on your little girl..and yes, I remember 'Girlfriend' - totally agree :-)

  5. Oh that's a fabulous hat, I really love the big brim. Would be fantastic for kindy.

  6. Now that is a pretty hat! She looks adorable in it. Loving your fabric choices too x


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