Monday, March 5, 2012

Crochet Owl Beanie

Friday was one of those days which you love, it was fantastic as Ruby decided she was going to do some mega sleeps throughout the day. The morning sleep was 3 hours and the afternoon sleep was 2 and a half hours. And then she slept all night, so I did lots of things. I found a pattern here, I used it for the beanie and as the pattern is for a monkey, I made the owl face up myself. The pattern was quite easy to follow and I did the size for a child. Now the problem I had was it was too small for Ruby, maybe it was because I used cotton. So this is now for my soon to be niece or nephew. And I will be getting busy with one for Rubes, I love the cotton so I might increase the pattern more so it will fit her.

 I tried to make it unisex, I love how the colours work though.

I made this cushion cover during one of the sleeps, I am in love with it. I am so into geometric patterns and love the bold colours, as opposed to my cute patterned fabrics. I am going to make more for my lounge as I am sick of the old ones. I hope everyone had a fab weekend.

Em xx

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