Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend

On the weekend we went to the Mathilda markets in Sydney. It was a lovely day and Ruby enjoyed playing in the park at Fox studios. We went to Chatswood after and went to Daiso. Now if you love cute Japanese stuff this may or may not be the place for you. I say may not, as everything is $2.80 and you can easily get carried away in there. I stayed in control and said no to the whole stationary section. I only bought a few things, but I could have eaisly bought more in the kitchen section. They have so many cute containers, I bought a pack of 3 little ones and said that was enough. 
 As you can see this stuff is cute.
 I began crocheting again over the weekend, I am making a rabbit for Ruby. I couldn't find my crocheting hooks, as they where in different draws and bags. So I made a purse to keep them all tidy. I made one a little while ago for my friend which is here.

I made mine a little different, I put some felt inside for my needles. And more pockets for threads etc.
Now tonight I may just finish it, it's a big one and a bit cute.

Em xx

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